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Find and receive help to give your child the best start in life with Help Me Grow Central Washington’s network of support. We assess your needs and connect you to the resources you need to stay healthy. Our bilingual Family Resource Navigator will connect you to resources and child development professionals near your home.

How Does it Work?

Help Me Grow Central Washington is a free service that connects you to resources in your community. Whether you need help with finding diapers, baby formula, childcare, a doctor for your children, or anything else, we’re here to help.

  • Contact Help Me Grow Central Washington. Our skilled staff can communicate with you in English and Spanish.

  • Our Family Resource Navigator will listen, provide support, and assess the needs of your child and family.

    We offer free screenings to help provide insight into your child’s developmental and behavioral skills.

  • Our Family Resource Navigator will refer your family to local services and other support networks that are a good fit for your needs.

  • We’ll schedule follow-ups to make sure everything is going well and see if your family could use support in any other ways.

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What Services Are Available To My Family?

Assistance with Basic Needs

We recognize that it can be difficult to provide your child with health care, warm clothes, and more. We will help connect you to services and resources in your community that will improve your child’s health, feeding, developmental, and educational needs.


Your child deserves to have a joyful and engaging life, and that starts with their childcare. At a high-quality childcare facility, your child can improve language skills, learn how to play with other children and learn how to solve problems. These are the foundations for your child’s education and future growth. We’ll help you find the perfect fit for you and your child.

Child Development

Your child’s physical, emotional, educational, and social development milestones should be met in encouraging environments. If your child needs assistance in any of these areas, we can help you find a support network and professionals in your community.

Preschool and Kindergarten

Early education gives your child the foundation to develop social-emotional skills that support their ability to continuously engage in learning environments, manage their behaviors, and connect well with others. We can help you find qualified early education facilities in your community.

Home Visiting

New parents often need assistance preparing for the birth of their child and caring for them after they’ve arrived. From your child’s birth until age five, we can help you access medical, social, educational, and other parenting resources to build a strong support network for yourself and your child.

Health and Wellness

You and your child’s wellness matter because everything you do and every emotion you feel is connected to your overall well-being. When the emotional, physical, and mental needs of you and your child are being met, you can focus on growing and thriving in other ways. We’ll help you find resources that can keep your family healthy.

Mental Health and Stress Management

Raising a child takes an emotional toll, and stress affects your whole family. We can help connect you to local resources and support to help you learn how to manage stress and improve the mental health of you and your child.

What Are Developmental Milestones for My Child?

Children grow quickly and their development is sometimes hard to track. Milestones are different for every age, and understanding where your child is developmentally can help you engage and challenge them and recognize when something might be wrong.

Download a free milestone tracker app to keep track of every stage of your child's development.


How Can Community Partners Get Involved?

Help Me Grow Central Washington is a network of parents, caregivers, service providers, and professionals of all kinds. Thanks to this strong network we are able to help people and make our communities better. You can support Help Me Grow Central Washington in several ways:

Partner With Us

Do you or your organization provide services or resources we actively share with families? Click the button below and fill out our contact form to let us know you’d like to be one of the organizations we refer people to every day.

Make a Referral

If you know a child, parent, or caregiver who could benefit from Help Me Grow Central Washington, please fill out the referral form at the link below. We’ll reach out to the family and begin working with them to improve their lives.

Participate in Events & Presentations

Do you have an upcoming resource fair, family night, or other event families who could use additional support will attend? Help Me Grow Central Washington would love to participate. Click the button below to fill out our contact form and let us know about your event.

About Help Me Grow Central Washington

Help Me Grow Central Washington is a sub-affiliate of Help Me Grow Washington. We believe all children should be able to thrive and reach their full potential. We help our communities maximize the resources already here and provide a strong support network for every child and family in need. The Help Me Grow system requires all of us to work collaboratively and think creatively about how to make the most out of our strengths and opportunities.

Help Me Grow System

Help Me Grow system diagram

Coordinated Access Point

Connects children and families to the services they need when they need them.

Family & Community Outreach

Builds parent and provider understanding of healthy child growth and support services available to families in their community, and how these are important to improve a child’s life.

Child Healthcare Provider Outreach

Calls on healthcare providers to support children and their caregivers, change the systems that impact a child’s health, and be champions of Help Me Grow to further strengthen relationships that increase early support for children.

Data Collection & Analysis

Supports evaluations, helps identify gaps in resources, increases advocacy efforts, and guides quality improvement.


Identify different resources and policies to support that benefit children and families.


Seek to ensure all families are connected to services in a way that helps them reach their goals. We have a responsibility to center equity in our work and this means listening, learning, and supporting everyone in the community whose connection to help may be limited or blocked. This is the foundation of all components of the Help Me Grow system.